Favorite Web Sites
Family Related Sites:

Patmos - Reality Decipleship
my daughter Meredith works at this ministry in Bahamas

my husband's business web site

The Prophecy Puzzle

my dear friend and bible study partner's site for her new book

Drudge Report
fast breaking news flashes

Koenig's International News
World Watch Daily
News, devotionals, plus

The Jerusalem Post
staying in touch with God’s land

Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale
participate in worship services on-line and a source for many wonderful teaching tapes

Jon Courson
online Bible teaching by Jon Courson

David Guzik
a great source for verse-by-verse commentary and teaching

Chuck Missler
good source for Biblical teaching with an emphasis in prophecy and a scientific perspective
and a willingness to think "outside the box"

Red Moon Rising - Peter Goodgame's thought-provoking articles that led me to a better
understanding of bible prophecy

interesting Bible Studies and commentary on current events

Lambert Dolphins Library
A good source for research and bible study

Preach the Word
A wonderful collection of teachings by Pastor David Legge

Rapture Ready
News, study articles, plus much more

End Times Rapture Forums
Another resource site for information on Bible prophecy and more

Prophecy Update
News, bible studies, plus

John Ankerberg
on-line videos, articles, and teaching on a variety of biblical subjects

Interesting articles and a good site for stretching your mind with the Jewish perspective
on studying the Torah

Blue Letter Bible
A wonderful on-line study tool

Study Light.org
Another wonderful on-line study tool

Useful Bible
Useful Bible -
Bible studies in EasyEnglish to help people who are using English as a second language.

Christianity Cove
Christianity Cove is your one-stop-shop for free Sunday School lessons, Bible games,
crafts, skits and activities for Children's Church.

Tihomir Dimitrov, M.Sc. in Psychology
A good resource for quotes to supplement your Christian writings

Bible Land Shop
The internet outlet for holy land based Doko Media Ltd., producers, publishers, and
distributors of superior DVD's & videos, music CDs & more.  They carry a wealth of high
quality items with Christian and Jewish appeal and having specific reference to the history,
religions, cultural, ethnic and social life of the people of this land.

Reciprocal Links:

A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information, Bible studies, doctrine, prophecy,
spiritual warfare and statistics. Features the Chronological 4 Gospels, Prayer Book, All
People and Places of the Bible (book), the complete text of the KJV Bible, the audio KJV
New Testament, a photo tour of Israel and a table of contents of 17,000 subjects.

Religious Resources
A Directory of internet resources for all religions

A Collection of helpful Christian links by Worthy Ministries
Worthy Links - Christian Search Engine

Worthy Prayer Team

Worthy Boards - Christian Bulletin Boards

Worthy Chat - Christian Chat

Worthy News - Christian News Service

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listing the best Christian sites from A to Z