*hard questions                    v=verse

Christine:  This is a hard book for adults, me included, and a very hard book for a young lady.  I am proud of you for wanting to study all of GodŐs word—even the really hard parts.  I still have lots of questions about this book, but I am going to keep on studying too.  We can still learn a lot from GodŐs word even though we canŐt begin to understand it all at once.  I think God made it that way so that we would want to keep on reading and studying it.  If you need help, you know you can call me any time?

Chapter 1

1.     Was Joshua still the leader of the people?

2.     Why did they cut off Adoni-bezekŐs thumbs and great toes?

3.     How did Othniel get his wife?

4.     Did the people drive all the Canaanites out of the land?

Chapter 2

1.     Was the Angel of the Lord pleased with the people?  If not, why not?

2.     How old was Joshua when he died?

3.     *Why do you think the generation of people after Joshua did not know the Lord?  (v10)

4.     How did God punish them for serving Baal (idols, false gods)? (v14)

5.     Who did God raise up to lead the people for Him?

6.     What did the people do that made God angry?  (v20)

Chapter 3

1.     What did the people do to make God angry in addition to worshipping idols?

2.     What did God do when the people cried out to Him for help?

3.     Who were the 3 judges God raised up to lead the people in this chapter?

4.     Name and describe the King of Moab.

5.     Who killed the King of Moab?

6.     What did Shamgar do?

Chapter 4

1.     Who was the first woman judge?

2.     She asked Barak why he hadnŐt obeyed the Lord and gone to fight Sisera.  What was his answer?

3.     Who was Sisera?  Who killed him?  How?

Chapter 5

1.     What did Deborah and Barak do after defeating the enemy?

2.     *What was the song about?

3.     How long did the land rest after this victory?

Chapter 6

1.     The people of Israel started doing evil again.  Who did God deliver them to this time?

2.     Who was the judge that God raised up to save Israel this time?

3.     Was he eager to obey God?

4.     What did he do first? (v18)

5.     *What was GideonŐs response to the miracle of the Angel of the Lord?

6.     Why did he respond that way?

7.     What did the Lord tell Gideon to do?

8.     How did the people respond to what he did?

9.     What did Gideon ask God to do to give him confidence?

Chapter 7

1.     How did God tell Gideon to choose what men to take into battle with him?

2.     Why did God not want Gideon to take a large army into battle?

3.     How many men did God allow Gideon to take?

4.     What did God tell Gideon to do to give him more confidence?

5.     How did Gideon divide his men?

6.     What did he give each man?

7.     What did they yell when they attacked?

Chapter 8

1.     *Why did the people of Succoth and Penuel refuse to help Gideon?

2.     Gideon and his 300 men were chasing the armies of Zebah and Zalmunna who had how many men left?

3.     What question did Gideon ask the kings when he captured them?

4.     Who was Jether?  Why did he disobey his father?

5.     What did the men of Israel ask Gideon to do?  What was his answer?

6.     How long was the land quiet this time?

7.     How many sons did Gideon have?

8.     *Who was Abimelech? 

9.     *What is a concubine?

10. What did the people of Israel do after Gideon died?

Chapter 9

1.     What evil thing did Abimelech do?

2.     Why do you think he did it?

3.     Who was Jotham?

4.     What did Jotham do after the people made Abimelech the king?

5.     What did God do after 3 years?

6.     Who wanted to kill Abimelech and become the king?

7.     What did Abimelech do when he heard that all the men of Shechem were in the tower stronghold of the temple of the god Berith?

8.     How was Abimelech killed?

Chapter 10

1.     What judge arose to save Israel after Abimelech died? 

2.     How long did he judge?

3.     Who was next?  For how long?

4.     Who conquered Israel when they started doing evil again?  For how long?

5.      How did God answer when they cried out for His help?  (v11-14)

6.     What did the people do next?

7.     Who was Jephthah?

8.     What did the elders of Gilead want him to do?

9.     What was JephthahŐs answer?

10. Jephthah tried to negotiate with the King of Ammon by sharing some of the history regarding events in connection with how the neighboring nations treated Israel on their way to taking the Promised Land.  Did that cause the king to cooperate?

11. When the Spirit of the Lord came on Jephthah, what vow did he make to God?

12. What happened when Jephthah returned home in victory?

13. *How do you think he fulfilled his vow?

Chapter 12

1.     *The men of Ephraim were mad at Jephthah for fighting Ammon without them.  Jephthah responded that he asked for their help, but Ephraim did not come.  They ended up in a fight.  How did the men of Gilead identify the men of Ephraim?

2.     How many men of Ephraim were killed?

3.     How long did Jephthah judge Israel?

4.     Who was the next judge?  For how long?

5.     Who was next?  How long?

6.     Next?  How long?

Chapter 13

1.     Israel did evil again; so who did God let conquer them? 

2.     How long did they rule Israel?

3.     Who did the Angel of the Lord appear to next?

4.     What did He tell her?

5.     What special instructions did He give her?

6.     What did her husband do when she told him?

7.     What did the Angel say when Manoah asked His name?

8.     Why did Manoah think he had seen God?

9.     What did they name their son?


Chapter 14

1.     Things arenŐt always what they seem to be to other people.  What is the first thing we are told that Samson did that would seem to be wrong to us?

2.     Was this part of GodŐs plan?

3.     What did Samson do in the vineyards of Timnah?

4.     *Was it wrong for Samson to eat the honey?  Why?

5.     Samson told a riddle to 30 men and promised them a reward if they solved it.  What was it?

6.     Did they solve it?  If so, how?

7.     Samson was angry when he found out what they had done.  So what did he do?

Chapter 15

1.     What did Samson do when he found out the girl was married to someone else?

2.     The Philistines went against Judah to capture Samson.  How many men went to arrest Samson to give him to the Philistines?

3.     Did Samson go with them?  If so, how?

4.     What happened when the Philistines came shouting against Samson?

5.     How did God relieve SamsonŐs thirst?

Chapter 16

1.     *What is a harlot?

2.     How did Samson get out of Gaza?

3.     Who did Samson fall in love with?

4.     Did she love him?  How do you know?

5.     Delilah was persistent.  How many times did Samson trick her with his answer as to why he was so strong?

6.     He finally told her the truth; what was it?

7.     What did the Philistines do to Samson when they captured him?

8.     Did God forgive Samson and answer his prayer to take vengeance on the Philistines?

9.     What happened?

10. How long did Samson judge Israel?

Chapter 17

1.     What did Micah steal?

2.     What did his mother do with the money that was returned to her?

3.     How does scripture describe the actions of the people of Israel at that time?

4.     Why did Micah think God would bless him?

Chapter 18

1.     What did the men of Dan want? (v1)

2.     What land did they decide to take as their own?

3.     What did they do when they came back to MicahŐs house?

4.     When Laish was conquered, what did they name it?

5.     Did the Israelites of the tribe of Dan who conquered Laish worship God?

6.     Where was the house of God, the Tabernacle, at that time?

Chapter 19

1.     What happened when the Levite went to get his concubine that had gone back to her fatherŐs house?  Was he welcomed? 

2.     On the way home they stopped in Gibeah.  What tribe lived there?

3.     Were they welcomed? (v15)

4.     An old man finally invited them into his home.  What happened while they were eating?

Note:  These are not fun things to talk about, but God tells it like it is.  Men are often wicked when they donŐt love God.  These men were wanting to do sexual things with the man.  That is what defines a homosexual.

5.     What did the old man and the man staying with him do?

6.     What did the man do with his dead concubine?

Chapter 20

1.     The men of Israel were outraged and took action.  Where did they meet?

2.     How many soldiers were with them?

3.     The men of Israel demanded that the people of Benjamin give them the men of Gibeah that abused and killed the concubine.  What were they going to do to them and why?

4.     Did Benjamin comply?

5.     What was special about 700 men of Benjamin?

6.     How many days did Israel have to fight against Benjamin before God gave them the victory?

7.     How many men from Benjamin escaped?

8.     What did they do to the cities of Benjamin?

Chapter 21

1.     What is an oath?

2.     What oath did the men of Israel swear?

3.     Were they happy about it?

4.     They didnŐt want one of the 12 tribes to die out, but they could not break their oath.  They figured out that one group of people had not helped them fight Benjamin or taken the oath.  Who was it?

5.     How did they punish those people?

6.     How did the few men left in Benjamin get wives?  (v14)

7.     How did they get wives for the rest?

8.     Who was king in Israel?

9.     How did the people act?



1.     One of the main things that Judges focuses on is the difference in Israel when they obey God and disobey God.  What is the difference?

2.     What is the main thing the Israelites did to disobey God when they conquered the land?

3.     What did this result in?

Note:  People often think God was being cruel to tell His people to kill all the Canaanites, but He wasnŐt.  He knew that those wicked people would cause His people to turn away from Him and worship their idols.  His instructions were meant to protect His people.  We can also learn from this.

á      GodŐs commands are always made in love to protect us.

á      We should choose friends that love Jesus and will encourage us to do what is right.

One great theme in this book is GodŐs mercy.  Every time the people repented, God delivered them. 

Another great theme is GodŐs faithfulness to His promises (covenants); He always keeps His promises.  He made a covenant with Abraham that He will keep in spite of how the people of Israel (AbrahamŐs descendants) try His patience and continue to reject Him.   He will continue to judge them until a remnant (a small group compared to the whole) of Israelites finally emerge that embrace Him as Lord and Savior.  That will happen at the end of the tribulation, the final 7 years on planet earth before the Lord comes back as King (bringing us with Him).