Bringing The Father Joy


3 John 4 states, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."  As my mom quoted this verse to me today, it encouraged me and I wanted to share it with the team.  John wrote this to someone that he fathered spiritually.  It gave John an unsurpassed feeling of joy just to hear that those he had discipled were actually LIVING in the truth that he had taught them.  


I can relate to this because I have children of my own.  Every day I do my best to teach them the things of the Lord.  When they express the truths that I have taught them in their daily WALK, I am overjoyed.   For example, one truth that we have been working on and will continue to have to work on is that God wants us to put others first.  This is a very difficult truth for a small child to practice.  When I saw my 6 year old say to my 3 year old, "Okay, you can carry the pink float to the swimming pool," when I knew that she wanted to be the one to carry it to the swimming pool, I was thrilled!  Yes, such a little thing to get excited about... but she was PRACTICING THE TRUTH we had taught her in front of my very own eyes... there is NO GREATER JOY!!!!  


If humans get excited about their children (physical and/or spiritual) walking in the truth, how much more do you think God joys in watching us, His children, walk in truth.  Every little thing that we are learning and actually PUTTING INTO PRACTICE, we cannot even imagine the joy it brings our Heavenly Father.  So, the encouragement today is to KEEP WALKING IN TRUTH.  No, God won't love us any less if we don't and He won't love us any more if we do... BUT, what encouragement to think that we can bring our Father joy!  I think that is pretty awesome.